When? 10/20/2012



How do you train for the apocalypse?
Read, Study and Apply
Know your Zombies

  • Crawlers – Generally cannot walk or run and must crawl along the ground.
  •  Walkers – Are more mobile with a strong thirst for your brains. Steer Clear.
  • Sprinters – Are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Save your energy to dash the dead.

Now that you know the three basic types of zombies, its time to train your body.
Cardio is good for you and will save your life. Do you have it?
Week 1: Get out of your seat and start with a walk. 1 mile walk easy pace 3-5 days a week
Week 2: Start Jogging the 1 mile 3-5 days a week. Be sure to give your self time to heal
Week 3: Now the real deal, SPRINTING. 100 yard dash 6 times walking back.
Week 4: Intervals, Jog 1 minute, sprint 30 seconds and repeat 10 times.
Week 5: Distance: Now you can breath and recover, its time to add distance. Jog 3 – 5 miles.

If you do not survive Dash the Dead the above will help you next year.